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Restaurants with Outdoor Dining in Ocean City, Maryland

Restaurants with Outdoor Dining in Ocean City, Maryland

Friends of Explore OC, 


At Explore OC, we are thrilled to report that Governor Hogan has officially announced that our restaurants are able to reopen their outdoor dine-in services for the first time in months!


As we continue to take strides toward effectively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check out a list of restaurants that will be offering outdoor dining during this season. Please remember that the climate is fluid and changing daily, always call to make sure that the restaurant is open before solidifying your meal plans.


Don’t forget to also check out our complete and updated list of restaurants that are open for carry-out or delivery options HERE

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West Ocean City

Crab Alley: 9703 Golf Course Rd., 410.213.7800. View Menu

Harborside Bar & Grill: 12841 Harbor Rd., 410.213.1846. View Limited Menu

Hooters: 12513 Ocean Gateway. 410.213.1841. View Menu

Micky Fins Bar & Grill: 12952 Inlet Isle Ln., 410.213.9033. View Menu

Pizza Tugos: 9935 Stephen Decatur Hwy., 410.524.2922. View Menu

The Shark on the Harbor: 12924 Sunset Ave., 410.213.0924. View Menu

Smoker’s BBQ Pit: 9711 Stephen Decatur Hwy., 410.213.0040. View Menu

Sunset Grille: 12933 Sunset Ave., 410.213.8110. View Menu

The Shrimp Boat: 9724 Stephen Decatur Hwy., 410.213.0448. View Menu

Inlet to 27th Street

Angler: 312 Talbot St., 410.289.7424. View Breakfast Menu. View Lunch and Dinner Menu

Backshore Brewing Co: 913 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.0008. Visit Website

BLU Crabhouse & Raw Bar: 2305 Philadelphia Ave., 410.289.3322. View Lunch Menu. View Dinner Menu

Brass Balls Saloon: 1105 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.0069. View Menu

Bull on the Beach: 211 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.2855. View Breakfast Menu. View Main Menu.

Caribbean Pool Bar: 109 N. Atlantic Ave., 410.289.0837. Visit Website

The Dough Roller: 213 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.2599. Breakfast Menu. Lunch & Dinner Menu

Fish Tales: 2107 Herring Way, 410.289.0990. View Menu

Guidos Burritos: 7 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.1729. View Menu

Hooper’s Crab House: 12913 Ocean Gateway. 410.213.1771. View Menu

Malia’s Cafe: 1800 Baltimore Ave., 443.664.2420. View Menu

Marina Deck Restaurant: 306 Dorchester St., 410.289.4411. Lunch Menu. Dinner Menu

M.R. Ducks: 311 Talbot St., 410.289.9125. Drink Menu. Dinner Menu

Mug & Mallet: 109 N. Atlantic Ave., 410.289.3250. View Menu

Ocean 13: 1301 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.6213. Bistro Menu

Omega Eats: 2606 Philadelphia Ave., 410.289.7744. Visit Website

Pickles Pub: 706 Philadelphia Ave., 410.289.4891. View Menu

Reel Inn: 419 14th St., 410.289.3511. View Menu

Riptide Pool Bar: 2600 North Baltimore Ave., Visit Website

Shenanigan’s Irish Pub: 309 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.7181. View Menu. Drink Menu

28th Street to 91st Street

28th St. Pit-n-Pub: 2706 Philadelphia Ave. 410-289-2020. View Menu

45th Street Taphouse: 4507 Coastal Hwy. 443.664.2201. View Lunch/ Dinner Menu

Anthony’s Liquors: 3300 Coastal Hwy. 410.289.7853. View Menu

Barn 34: 3400 Coastal Hwy. 410.289.5376. Lunch and Dinner Menu. Breakfast Menu.

The Bayside Skillet: 7701 Coastal Hwy. 410.524.7950. Crepe and Omelete Menu. Dessert Menu. Dinner Menu. Drink Menu. Lunch Menu

Bayview Bar and Grille: 300 Seabay Lane. 410.723.2222. View Menu

BJ’s on the Water: 115 75th St. 410.524.7575. View Full Menu. View Happy Hour Menu

Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill: 3701 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.6846. View Menu

Dead Freddies Island Grill: 105 65th St., 410.524.3733. View Website

Dry 85 OC: 12 48th St., 443.664.8989. Brunch Menu. Dinner Menu

Dry Dock 28: 2709 North Philadelphia Ave., 410.289.2828. View Menu.

Fager’s Island: 201 60th St., 410.524.5500. Brunch Menu. Lite Fare Menu. Fine Dining Menu

General’s Kitchen: 6601 Coastal Hwy., 410.723.0477. View Menu

The Hobbit Restaurant: 121 81st St., 410.524.8100. Bar Menu. Dinner Menu

Hooked: 8003 Coastal Hwy., 410.723.4665. View Menu

Little House of Pancakes, Ribs & Pizza: 7307 Coastal Hwy., 410.520.0407. Breakfast Menu. Lunch Menu

Longboard Cafe: 6701 Coastal Hwy., 443.664.5639. View Menu

Marlin Moon: 3301 Atlantic Ave., 410.289.1201. Breakfast Menu. Dinner Menu

Ropewalk OC: 8203 Coastal Hwy., 410.524.1009. Brunch Menu. Dinner Menu

Rosenfeld’s Jewish Delicatessen: 6301 Coastal Hwy., 410.520.0283. Breakfast Menu. Lunch and Dinner Menu

Schooner’s Restaurant: 9100 Coastal Hwy., 410.524.7777. Breakfast Menu. Lunch Menu. Dinner Menu. Kids Menu

Sea Bay Cafe: 6007 Coastal Hwy., 410.524.6100. View Menu

Seacrets: 117 49th St., 410.524.4900. View Menu

Skye Bar & Grille: 6601 Coastal Hwy., 410.723.6762. View Menu

Touch of Italy: 6600 Coastal Hwy., 410.524.5252. View Menu

The Victorian Room: 2800 Baltimore Ave., 410.289.1100. Breakfast Menu. Dinner Menu. Kids Menu

92nd Street to Delaware Line

The Abbey Burger Bistro: 12601 Coastal Hwy. 410.250.2333. View Menu.

Alley Oops: 131st Street and Coastal Hwy. 410.390.7398. View Menu.

Bourbon Street on the Beach: 11604 Coastal Hwy., 443.664.2896. View Menu

Bull on the Beach: 17 94th St., 410.524.2455. View Menu

Carousel Oceanfront Restaurant: 11700 Coastal Hwy. 800.641.0011. Breakfast Menu. Dinner Menu

Crab Bag: 13005 Coastal Hwy., 410.250.3337. View Menu

Duffy’s Tavern: 12923 Coastal Hwy., 410.250.1449. Breakfast Menu. Lunch & Dinner Menu.

Harpoon Hanna’s: 39064 Harpoon Rd., 302.539.3095. Brunch menu. Lunch Menu. Dinner Menu

King Kone: 14300 Coastal Hwy., 410.250.2602. Visit Website

Layton’s: 9200 Coastal Hwy., 410.524.4200. Visit Website

Lenny’s Beach Bar & Grill: 10100 Coastal Hwy., 410.524.7500. View Menu

Tailchasers Restaurant & Dock Bar: 12203 Coastal Hwy., 443.664.7075. Bar Menu. Summer Menu

Uber Bagels & Deli: 12601 Coastal Hwy., 443.664.6128. View Menu.