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Open Restaurants in Ocean City, MD

Open Restaurants in Ocean City, MD

Are you looking for open restaurants in Ocean City, MD? The weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner! We know that you’re excited about Ocean City beach trips, but so many of your favorite restaurants are already open in Ocean City, MD, and ready for visitors!

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West Ocean City

Southside Grille & Deli: 9923 Stephen Decatur Hwy, 410-213-1572.

Rice House Bistro: 9921 Stephen Decatur Hwy, 410-213-8388. View Sushi Menu. View Chef’s Menu.

Tequila Mockingbird West OC: 12720 Ocean Gateway, 410-390-7721. View Menu.

Mione’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant: 12741 Ocean Gateway #980, 410-213-2231. View Menu.

Outback Steakhouse: 2741 Ocean Gateway, 410-205-6200. Visit Website. 

OC Chopsticks: 12741 Ocean Gateway, 410-801-1111. Visit Website.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill: 12728 Ocean Gateway, 410-213-0037. View Menu. 

TOAST: 12744 Ocean Gateway, 410-237-7070. Breakfast Menu. Lunch Menu. Dinner Menu.

Bad Monkey West OC: 12902 Ocean Gateway, 443-856-4607, Carry-out/Delivery Menu. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu.

Chick-fil-A: 12901 Ocean Gateway, 410-213-1825. Visit Website.

Chipotle: 12909 Ocean Gateway, 410-213-9704. Visit Website.

Pancho & Lefty’s: 12911 Ocean Gateway Unit 208, 443-664-2533. Visit Facebook.

Full Moon Saloon:  12702 Old Bridge Rd, 443-664-5317. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu.

Sello’s Italian Oven & Bar: 9802 Golf Course Rd, 410-390-3543. View Menu.

Surfside Rooster: 12507 Sunset Ave, 443-664-8166. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu.

Assateague Diner + Bar: 9636 Stephen Decatur Hwy #101, 443-664-8158. View Menu. Lunch/Dinner Specials.

Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille West OC: 9616 Stephen Decatur Hwy, 410-213-1500. View Menu.

Harborside Bar & Grill: 12841 Harbor Rd, 410-213-1846. View Limited Menu. Lunch Menu. Dinner Menu. 

The Shark on the Harbor: 12924 Sunset Ave, 410-213-0924. View Menu.

Sunset Grille: 12933 Sunset Ave, 410-213-8110. View Menu.

Inlet to 27th Street:

Thrashers French Fries: 801 Atlantic Ave, 410-289-7232. Visit Website.

Cork Bar: 3 Wicomico St, 410-289-6921. View Menu.

Bearded Clam: 15 Wicomico St, 410-289-4498. Visit Website. 

Fat Daddy’s Subs Pizza Wings: 216 S Baltimore Ave, 410-289-4040. View Menu.

Soriano’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop: 306 S Baltimore Ave, 410-289-6656. View Menu. 

Purple Moose Saloon: 108 S Boardwalk, 410-289-6953. Visit Website.

Casita Linda: 218 N Baltimore Ave, 443-664-5993. View Menu.

Shotti’s Point Cafe: 611 Atlantic Ave, 410-390-5222. View Menu.

Backshore Brewing Co: 913 Atlantic Ave, 410-289-0008. Visit Website.

Pickles Pub: 706 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-4891. View Menu.

Pizza Mambo: 710 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-1200. View Menu.

Layton’s Family Restaurant: 1601 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-6635. View Menu.

Pablo’s Bowls: 1607 Philadelphia Ave, 410-390-3839. View Menu.

Happy Jack Pancake House: 2504 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-7377. Carryout Menu. Breakfast Menu. Lunch Menu.

28th Street to 91st Street:

Touch of Mediterranean: 2701 Philadelphia Ave, 410-390-5106. View Menu.

Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon: 2707 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-0973. View Menu.

Dry Dock 28: 2709 North Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-2828. View Menu.

28th St. Pit-n-Pub: 2706 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-2020. View Menu.

Mother’s Cantina: 2810 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-1330. View Menu.

Coin’s Pub & Restaurant: 2820 Philadelphia Ave, 410-289-3100. View Menu.

Higgins Crab House South: 3102 Coastal Hwy, 410-289-2581. View Menu.

Ripieno’s Italian Restaurant:  203 33rd St, 410-390-7881. View Menu.

OC Wasabi: 3316 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-7337. View Menu.

Real Raw Organics: 3406 Coastal Hwy, 443-783-5374. View Menu.

The Dough Roller (41st): 4103 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-9254. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu

45th Street Taphouse: 4507 Coastal Hwy, 443-664-2201. View Menu.

Dry 85 OC: 12 48th St, 443-664-8989. Brunch Menu. Dinner Menu.

Dumser’s Dairyland Drive-In: 4901 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-1588. Lunch/Dinner Menu. Ice Cream Menu.

Seacrets: 117 49th St, 410-524-4900. View Menu.

Alley Oops Midtown: 5509 Coastal Hwy, 443-664-7084. Visit Website.

Johnny’s Pizza & Pub: 5601 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-7499. View Menu.

Fager’s Island: 201 60th St, 410-524-5500. Brunch Menu. Lite Fare Menu. Fine Dining Menu.

Denny’s: 6104 Coastal Hwy, 410-213-4133. Carryout Menu.

Dead Freddies Island Grill: 105 65th St, 410-524-3733. View Website.

Skye Bar & Grille: 6601 Coastal Hwy, 410-723-6762. View Menu.

Touch of Italy: 6600 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-5252. View Menu.

Longboard Cafe: 6701 Coastal Hwy, 443-664-5639. View Menu.

The Dough Roller (70th): 4103 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-9254. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu.

The Bonfire: 7009 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-7171. View Menu.

Little House of Pancakes, Ribs & Pizza: 7307 Coastal Hwy, 410-520-0407. Breakfast Menu. Lunch Menu.

The Bayside Skillet: 7701 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-7950. Crepe and Omelete Menu. Dessert Menu. Dinner Menu. Drink Menu. Lunch Menu.

Ropewalk OC: 8203 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-1009. Brunch Menu. Dinner Menu.

92nd Street to Delaware Line:

Trattoria Lombardi’s Restaurant: 9203 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-1961. View Menu.

Liquid Assets: 9301 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-7037. Meals for Two Menu. View Menu.

Kirby’s Pub: 9209 Coastal Highway, 410-723-1700. 

Layton’s on 92nd: 9200 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-4200. Visit Website.

Bull on the Beach: 17 94th St, 410-524-2455. View Menu.

Blue Fish: 9401 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-3983. View Menu. 

Coffee Beanery: 9403 Coastal Hwy, 410-524-4400. View Menu.

Nori Sushi Bar and Grill: 11403 Coastal Hwy, 443-880-6258. Carryout Menu. Main Menu.

The Original Greene Turtle: 11601 Coastal Hwy, 410-723-2120. Menu. Late Nite Menu.

The Original Crabcake Factory: 12000 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-4900. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu.

Pablo’s Bowls: 12109 Coastal Hwy, 410-390-3228. Visit Website.

Dumser’s Dairyland Restaurant: 12305 Coastal Highway, 410-250-5543. Breakfast Menu. Lunch/Dinner Menu. Ice Cream Menu.

Cafe Mirage: 12817 Coastal Hwy, 443-664-5687. View Menu.

Squarz Pizza & Restaurant: 12825 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-4444. View Menu.

Tequila Mockingbird: 12919 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-4424. View Menu.

Crab Bag: 13005 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-3337. View Menu. 

Alley Oops Uptown: 131st Street and Coastal Hwy, 410-390-7398. View Menu.

Albertino’s Brick Oven Eatery: 13117 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-2000. Lunch/Dinner Menu.

Beach Barrels: 13207 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-0522. View Menu.

PrimoHoagies: 13209 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-0522. View Menu.

Billy’s Sub Shop & Pizza: 13902 Coastal Hwy #2, 410-250-1778. View Menu.

Nick’s Original House of Ribs: 14410 Coastal Hwy, 410-250-1984. View Menu. 

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