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You Got a Dog-- Now What?

You Got a Dog-- Now What?

You just got a new pup?! We’re sure you’ve already filled your camera roll with photos and videos to show off. But you’re here on vacation at the beach with the whole family, and brought your newest partner in crime along… now what?



Although the beach does have the same rules and regulations as the Boardwalk during the summer season, we have a little secret to let you in on!


Homer Gudelsky Park--also commonly known to locals and frequent visitors as Stinky Beach--is the perfect place to bring your pups for a beach day! It’s located on the west side of the bay, just south of the Rt. 50 Bridge. Take Old Bridge Road to the end, and enjoy your beach day with your pets!



Unfortunately, you can’t always bring your furry friends to stroll the boards. Ocean City’s boardwalk strictly allows animals from October 1 to April 30. Actively enforced, you will be asked to leave the boardwalk if an officer or authoritative personnel sees your four-legged pal! During the offseason is the ideal (and only) time to spend the day outdoors with your pets on the boardwalk.


94th St. Dog Playground

The 94th St. Dog Playground is open year-round, calling your dog’s name! You must register your dogs! There are two different sections of the playground, separating dogs over and under 28 pounds. Purchase a one-day pass to the park, or get a pass for the whole year!

Northside Park

Stroll around the park, let your kids play on the playground, and even step into the outdoor exercise facility to do a few sit-ups! Lots of people get a good jog in with their pup around the outskirts of the park, or let them loose in unoccupied baseball fields to play fetch! If your dog likes to swim, let them take a dip in the water next to the pier, an easy place for them to get in an out! Northside Park is often referred to as “North Ocean City’s doggie park” by locals.



There are over 40 pet-friendly restaurants and eateries in town! There’s nothing better than going out to eat with the whole family--including Fido! Malia’s Cafe, Sunset Grille and Tailchasers Restaurant & Dock Bar (just to name a few) will all welcome your dog to join in on your dining experience!

Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill is one of the most prominently dog-friendly locations, inviting dogs to play in the sand and water, and even giving them their own menus! Bone Appetit!