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Fall Fashion Trends in Ocean City, MD

Fall Fashion Trends in Ocean City, MD

We can all agree that the 2017 summer season was one of the best yet! Some of us are a little bitter that summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the autumn season! There are plenty of great things about fall: tree leaves changing colors, crisp morning air, and of course you cannot forget about fall fashion! Boots, scarves, and coats, oh my! It’s the perfect time of year to discover new and unique fashions trends during the 2017 fall season. We popped in for a visit to various local boutiques throughout Ocean City, MD and were amazed of all the fashion pieces that everyone should have in their closet! Get the inside scoop of how to dress your best for success this fall season!


Back East Boutique, located in West Ocean City, is owned and operated by Nicole Chamberlain and Coralee Patterson. This new boutique has an amazing selection of  fall must-haves this season. Once you take your first step in the door, you’ll be overwhelmed with the various styles of clothing. “We want our customers to feel like they can walk in and pick up a piece of clothing and style it the way they want,” Chamberlain said.  


The owners of Back East Boutique said they don’t really buy into the “trends” you see in every other clothing stores because they truly believe in the comfort and quality of their clothing. You can definitely tell Back East Boutique showcases and pays attention to the detail of their clothing. From a front criss-cross shirt, to faded camo, and small embroidered details, you are bound to find something you love in this boutique that is new and unique! Back East Boutique has various fall color schemes like burgundy, mustard, gray and olive! “We want our customers to feel like they can choose clothing items that they want to wear every day,” Patterson said. No matter the budget, style, or occupation, you can easily find something you’ll love, no matter the occasion! This boutique will be open all season so take a peek for yourself and visit Back East Boutique often for all your fashion needs!


Another stylish boutique in West Ocean City, MD is Bomshell Boutique located on Ocean Gateway. When we first stepped in, we were already grabbing our wallets to buy pretty much everything. Gina March, owner of Bomshell Boutique, said she really tried to hold on to that beachy-feel type of clothing. “We live in a town where you can visit the beach in October, so we try to hold on to the beachy clothing as long as we can,” March said. At Bomshell Boutique, you can pick up any item and wear it now while we transition into the fall season, but add some layers and you can wear it in the cold winter months too!


When asked what go-to items she would choose, “I really love our Veronica M. line,” March said. She explained that Veronica M’s clothing has the perfect fit and it’s great for traveling because the rayon stretchy material holds it shape all throughout your travels-- no need to grab the iron! From knitted poncho cardigans, to riders to put over your dresses, you are bound to find something you love in this boutique!


If you’ve never stepped foot in Bomshell Boutique, you need to know about their Rewards Points Program and Mobile Club! The Rewards Points program is basically rewarding you for shopping for some of your favorite fall clothing items. During your first visit, you can be automatically enrolled for a store account. For every dollar you spend, you earn a point, and when those points add up, you get amazing discounts and coupons! Who doesn’t love to be rewarded for shopping?! Bomshell Boutique carries small quantities of each item so make sure to get there fast so you don’t miss out on some great fall fashion pieces! 


If you’re ever walking through the town of Berlin, MD located a few miles away from West Ocean City, you must visit Bruder Hill Boutique! Bruder Hill, self named after owner Shelly Bruder, has tons and tons of fall fashion must haves this season. The newest trend Bruder said she noticed was comfort! A lot of various clothing items consisted of unique and stylish stretch fabrics not only making you look fabulous but making you feel cozy as well! You never know what kind of weather the fall season will bring so you have to be prepared for the rain! Bruder Hill Boutique offers tons of fashionable rain jackets, dusters, and ponchos. No need to look like a trash bag during those cloudy days, Bruder Hill can make you look like a fashionista even on the bluest of days! Another great fall fashion trend that is making a comeback is camouflage! From denim, to blouses and even skirts, you cannot go wrong with at least one camo item in your closet and Bruder Hill offers plenty of camouflage styled items in there beautiful boutique. Bruder Hill Boutique will be open all season everyday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Sunday’s 11-4 p.m.


Last but not least, we had to stop and visit Ish Boutique located on the corner of 36th street. Jenny Carven, owner of Ish, gave plenty of great fall fashion advice for the upcoming fall season. “Some big fashion trends this fall are embroidered flower-patched denim, tassels, and fringe,” Carven said. She was not kidding! Tassels are a really great accessory, whether you find them on a blouse, on a cross body bag, or even on dangly earrings, tassels are definitely a go to this autumn.


If you are looking to update your denim selection this fall, Ish Boutique has tons of denim right in the store. “We try to meet every price point offering classic quality items that anyone could grab off the rack,” Carven said. Carven gave a great piece of advice if you are always in a rush or you are on the go. If you wear the casual t-shirt and jean combo, tuck your shirt in the front! “Tucking in your shirt can bring your outfit to life,” Carven said.


Not only does Ish Boutique offer great fall fashion items but they even have home decor, small gifts for your friends and family and a very large accessory section. Ish Boutique is all season so stop in and grab your favorite fall fashion pieces before the racks are empty!


No matter what your fashion preference is, you are bound to find something you love! After visiting these boutiques there was definitely a theme of great customer service. Even if you don’t know what you want right away, all of them offer great customer service! Regardless if you need a fitting room or just an honest opinion the employees are always willing to help! We are beyond excited to try some of these fall fashion trends, which ones are you willing to try?

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