Explore the Delmarva Art Expo in Ocean City

Posted On: 1/15/19

It’s time to celebrate all types of art, big and small, across Delmarva at the annual Delmarva Art Expo! The Ocean City Convention Center will invite vendors from surrounding areas to display and explain to guests the art forms that they create.

Explore Vendors

Many vendors such as Timeless Treasures and Robert Gray Wildlife Carver will come from closeby, familiar towns like Berlin, MD, but the Expo is welcoming artists and vendors from all over! Check out Artisans of Peru from Woodbridge, VA, Black Lab Fabrication from Bethlehem, PA, and many others! Each vendor will showcase their artwork reflecting a unique, one-of-a-kind style.

Take a Class

Classes through the Delmarva Art Expo will teach you how to create your own kind of masterpiece. There will be four different classes to choose from.

Marbled Silk Scarves

Jennifer Daggs will teach you the traditional art form of marbling. You’ll learn to float paints atop a liquid medium, comb a design, then drop silk scarves onto the surface. This two-hour class is a fun one!

If you like getting your hands dirty while being creative, this marbling class is for you. The workshop fee includes all supplies needed to make two 14”x 72” silk scarves, plus several practice pieces of paper, for only $40/class. Additional scarves will be available to purchase to make more as time allows.

Felted Soap

Not all art is messy to make! This felted soap class will teach you how to make your own decorative soaps that both clean and exfoliate.

Whether you want to make some for yourself, or save it as a gift, the creativity and experience is something you won’t want to miss. All-natural soaps and fiber are provided for only $20/class. Additional kits can be purchased during the class.

Dyeing and Color Wheel

The basics of the color wheel just got more enticing! Create dyed yarn samples based on color mixing by using a microwave and acid dyes. Supplies are included in the $40/class fee, and you can take home some extra dyes to recreate your own colors at home!

Pouring Acrylic Paint

Paintings often showcase a variety of special effects. Many of those effects can be achieved by pouring acrylic paint. In this Pouring Acrylic Paint class, learn the techniques and have fun with colors with instructor Gerilyn Gaskill for only $40.00/class.

Show your appreciation for art, and come out to meet all of the different artists to explore their unique art forms and admirable work!

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