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Join Captain Monty Hawkins aboard The Party Boat that Fishes Like a Private Charter! That’s right–because the Morning Star “sells out” at 25 anglers for sea bass there’s plenty of room at the rail for all anglers! Each Reservation has a well-marked and numbered place at the rail that YOU can choose from when booking.
Captain Monty specializes in precision fishing of the natural, shipwreck and artificial reefs off the coast of Maryland. Sea bass, easily one of the tastiest fish in the sea, are targeted in late Spring and early Fall – sometimes in late January and February too.
Summer flounder, aka “fluke,” mix with sea bass on the reefs in July and August–even into the Fall. Other reef species are targeted in their time too. Winter tautog trips are a specialty wuith several state records being set, while blueline/golden tilefish trips are occassionally scheduled as well.

Recent Reviews

Morning Star Fishing
Chuck Kraft : 5 on 5/19/2024 12:01 am
I fished with Capt. Monty about 35 years ago when he was the 1st mate on the Angler. I think the captain's name was Dan. I can't remember, but I definitely remember Monty. We had a blast !
We caught 3, 8-9 ft. Tiger sharks or Sand Tigers on a 4th of July weekend, on the Angler. My name is Chuck Kraft. Great memories !
I subscribed to your page. I heard you left OC and went south. I'll be down Labor Day weekend. I'll stop by to say hi.
Sorry about such a long response.
I'll see you in August.
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Morning Star Fishing
Jonathan Bahn : 5 on 12/11/2023 5:40 pm
I've been out with Capt Monty and his crew several times this year. Highly recommend getting on board this boat. Capt Monty will put you on the fish. Only Capt I know that is working very hard to make artificial reefs , which is what is needed to sustain a strong fishery . While he will occasionally whale watch, that time is made up to his clients on board. If you catch different species of fish and have them cleaned by the mates just ask to have them bagged separately. Very helpful Capt and crew.
5 5
Morning Star Fishing
MC : 3 on 11/11/2023 5:04 pm
I had to go fishing on this boat at least once. I did it, and probably wont go back. The mates attitudes were lousy. They cleaned 3 different species of fish for me that I caught on the boat and put them all in the same bag. They did a lousy job cleaning my fish to begin with and i had to trim up myself when I got home. It would have been nice to actually be able to tell the true taste of each species of fish separately, and not have the fillets all thrown in the same bag marinating in the 3 different flavors. The Capt. wanted to whale watch, while I wanted to fish. The process of making a reservation is all but smooth, and the only good thing I can say is at least you get to pick your spot on the boat when making your reservation. My advice- fish on any other boat but this one.
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Morning Star Fishing