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Kokkinos Creative Jewelers is known for its fine jewelry with specialties in diamond jewelry, full repair services, custom designing and manufacturing of gold and platinum jewelry on the premises. Kokkinos Creative Jewelers offers a line of gold and gemstone jewelry, including exclusive "one of a kind" pieces, restoration of antique gold and platinum jewelry, unusual settings for stones, custom wax carvings and casting.

Recent Reviews

Kokkinos Creative Jewelers
Robin Tat : 5 on 1/27/2024 9:58 am
The jeweler designed a necklace out of my Grandmother, Mother and my wedding bands for my daughter's wedding. Beautifully made and took the time to listen to what I wanted. Thank You so very much, my daughter loved it! 105 years of marriage is represented in that necklace!
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Kokkinos Creative Jewelers
John Mingora : 5 on 11/28/2023 6:12 pm
Since moving to the shore 10 years ago Kokkinos had been our go to for jewelry assistance. Their staff is always friendly and helpful, the service prompt and fairly priced. Just this morning I needed a small silver repair to an ancient artifact. They were not busy and told me it’d take about an hour. I ran a couple errands and about an hour later got the call that my piece was ready.
To address a previous reviewer, I can speak to my experience with an inoperable Movado watch. It was made clear to me that it was more than a battery issue and the watch would be sent out. Turns out that the problem was we’d taken the watch to a non professional prior to Kokkinos and the watch was ruined.
We will continue to utilize Kokkinos and encourage others as well.
Thank you John and staff!
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Kokkinos Creative Jewelers
John Nolan : 1 on 6/8/2023 6:23 pm
Thought to give a local jeweler some additional business. Requested a specific repair. They sent the piece out since they apparently don't repair everything and came back with a total overhaul, which was not needed. Took the piece to my local jeweler at home, specific repair was HALF price. Be careful on potential upselling. One of the staff also needs remedial training because of her major attitude when called out about their business practices. Waffled and got mad when I asked why the specific repair could not be made.

I didn't misunderstand what you did and how you did it. You didn't "clear anything up." My review speaks for itself and I have been involved in consumer advocacy for over 30 years. Mistakes are made, but don't put this one on me. I never mentioned Mr. John in any of my complaints or comments. I understand verbal and written English, so I have a complete understanding of the situation and you should respectfully just own up to it. More business is lost by companies that try to play the blame game or deflect their own internal issues by trying to slam or challenge the intelligence of an educated consumer. Great job at responding after 9 months too.
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Kokkinos Creative Jewelers