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Always hot doughnuts. All ways. Fractured Prune® encourages individuality and believes your doughnuts should be just as unique as you. We challenge you to stop staring at rows of preconceived doughnuts and instead let your inner doughnut genius run wild.
Choose from at least a dozen glazes and toppings to make a doughnut the way you want it. And remember, there’s no wrong way to make your delicious!


Sweets and Ice Cream

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Breakfast, Dessert

Recent Reviews

Fractured Prune
Laura Yaghoobian : 4 on 7/4/2023 8:09 pm
Most of these reviewers nailed this place. Donuts are delish. Just the donuts would make this a 5 star rating. However everything else is kinda off.

Wait is a bit long. Process is super awkward. Place is kinda weird and definitely dirty. I think the open concept does not work here. I didn’t need to see this slow and clunky donut making process. Also, there was plenty of folks working, but the process looked to not be running super efficiently. The older white haired lady does look to be in charge and the young men were just looking to not make her angrier and just do their jobs. I did see her scrolling her phone when I left. Super weird vibe.

They also need sturdier boxes. They are made to order so they are packed pretty hot which doesn’t help with transport or aesthetic.

Drink cases in front with no drinks. Hours are only 8am-12pm. Coffee maker from the 80s. I don’t recall if they actually had any made.

We ordered 10 different donuts, but it is hard to know what any of them are until you taste them. Many of them look the same. They are super delicious, so again, definitely worth trying!!
4 5
Fractured Prune
Angie : 4 on 11/13/2023 6:23 pm
The latte was just ok the strawberry shortcake donut is a must try everything was ok the customer service was amazing awesome shop
4 5
Fractured Prune
kirshcrete : 5 on 8/11/2023 6:08 pm
They offer a selection of fresh donuts made to order while you wait, you pick the glaze/topping combination. It took us about 15 minutes or so to get our donuts after placing our order.
5 5
Fractured Prune