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There is no better way to experience what the waters of Ocean City have to offer than to embark on your own adventure by paddle board or Kayak. Located at Northside Park on Bayside, Best Aquatic can get you into the watercraft of your choice and give you the proper safety gear and guidance to assure you have a great time on the water.  Rentals are on an hourly, half-day and full-day basis. 

Recent Reviews

Best Aquatic Management
Martino Silva : 5 on 2/19/2019 8:02 pm
I first got in contact with Best Aquatic to register for a CPO training class. My class instructor was Bill and he was tremendously knowledgeable and personable. I have many certifications in my work as a maintenance technician but this might have been the most enjoyable. Bill was a absolute great instructor. I can’t speak highly enough of him. After completing my training and getting back to work on Monday we had an emergency break down on one of our boiler/heating units. We didn’t have another on hand and I contacted Ilene at the front desk to see if she could help me cross reference and hunt another unit down. She worked quick and diligently to track me down a unit in my area that I was able to pick up the same day. Their customer service is beyond stellar and I would highly recommend to anybody!!
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Best Aquatic Management
Ivan Ivanov : 1 on 9/8/2017 8:24 pm
I worked for the "company" in summer 2017. I was there for about 2 and a half months. I sing the contract as a Kayak and SUP instructor & rental. My training was go out there and figure out everything yourself. I was familiar with the equipment and knew how to roll both kayak and paddle board. Everything was okay the first couple of weeks.

I requested my days off further in time so there are no issues. The manager Bill Sexton accepted those days, than the night before any of my days off he would cancel it saying some exuse. Not only he cancelled my request day,but he would give me a day off, when i could work.

I was also a camp consuler. Evey two weeks we had kayak or SUP camps, where we teach the children how to manuver and use the equipment properly.
Bill never let us knew how many kids are, how many groups,etc. Again you have to figure it out by yourself and improvise. We were supposed to entertain and learn those kids which were from age 6-12 and be responsible for them. Of course the camps went well he got the good reviews, while we were on the same paying wedge as usuall.
After a while he almost fired for requesting days off, he would give me less hours as well. He did not appreciate the work I have done for him.

And now at the end of the summer he cut off my hours and deleted me from the system which is unacceptable.

These are just tiny problems in terms of what is going inside that "company". I just want everyone to know that the management level there is like 0. Warn all of the J1 not to deal with them.
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Best Aquatic Management
Maxim Shomov : 1 on 8/8/2014 6:34 pm
I had to work for these guys a couple of years ago on a J1 student visa program as a POOL CLEANER. Poor conditions - didn't get the hours stated in the contract (I had 20, when the contract said 28-44); had to work 7 days a week; no days off (BTW that's illegal for J1 students); had to get up at 5 AM; had to pay 60 dollars for some low quality "uniform" which was basically a white tank top with some trousers (30 bucks tops) and in the end - two weeks later I got fired because I requested a day off because it was my birthday. Turns out these guys hired at least 10 people for 1 work position and fired 9 of them. I give one star because there's no option for less than that. To all J1 students, DON'T sign a contract with Best Aquatic in Ocean City, Maryland!

BTW the lifeguards who BEST AQUATIC hired were students from Eastern Europe countries (such as myself) who obtained a so called "lifeguard certificate" which meant absolutely nothing. You just pay the equivalent of 30 dollars and get a piece of paper. So good luck to anyone who's drowning in a pool managed by this company.
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Best Aquatic Management