Atlantic Oceanfront Inn

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The Atlantic Oceanfront Inn is located directly on the beach at 45th Street. They are within walking distance of great local restaurants, nightlife, local attractions and just a short drive to anywhere in Ocean City, Maryland.  Their mid town beach is perfect for families and beachgoers alike.  Come see why they are one of Ocean City's favorite hotels!
Hotel Features:
* Oceanfront Location
* Outdoor Pool
* Full Kitchens
* Room Types: Oceanfront Room & Suites, Ocean Patio Rooms & Suites, Ocean View and Standard Rooms

Recent Reviews

Atlantic Oceanfront Inn
Amelia Geyer : 1 on 9/15/2023 6:09 pm
Room surfaces was not clean, you could see that the dust was there for some time. Grease and prints on entry door, pillows smelled very musty, the one bed cover looked like a dog scooted his but across the cover, poop stains, should never put on the bed to begin with. Air Conditioner vents coated with dirt. Limited kitchenware that had to be cleaned before using. Screen on sliding glass floor was off track. In the lobby while people were waiting to check in , desk clerk was on a personal call. Had to ask for wash clothes 2 times no maid service during stay. My sister and I were highly disappointed with our recent stay. Oh and the Elevator inspection wasn't up to date.
1 5
Atlantic Oceanfront Inn
Rachel Epling : 1 on 10/9/2023 11:58 pm
We booked this hotel for the Oceans Calling musical festival from Sept. 28th to Oct.1st. I’ll start by saying I’m aware that everyone in the area price gouged their rooms but this was just gluttony! At normally $80 a night or less we paid almost $1400 for the 4 days! I will also say that staff was friendly and helpful but that’s where the good news ends. The beds are like sleeping on boards and squeaked terribly if you even roll over, the fridge made this loud squawking all day and night, zero water pressure, dirty dishes in the cabinets and the light on the balcony is ridiculously bright! Like I said, I understand that all places raised their prices but 5x regular cost for this was such greediness! I just hope you take all the money you made from us folks and update this place because it badly needs it!!
1 5
Atlantic Oceanfront Inn
Sheila Lapier : 1 on 8/28/2023 12:54 pm
This is my second time staying here and it will be my last. The only staff encounter was at check in and they were friendly enough, no more and no less. We got to our room and to say outdated is an understatement. The stove was bent and could see the insides, the carpet was dirty and coming up around the edges and the amount of rust all over the balcony. The room was not clean at all. You could see the dust everywhere, trash and toys were left by the couch area from previous guests, the sheets looked to be washed but not clean. The location is great and could be a great stay if they cared about the actual hotel enough to fix it up and have clean rooms. You will feel very dirty the entire stay.
1 5
Atlantic Oceanfront Inn