Atlantic Beach House

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Atlantic Beach House is a new bayfront restaurant in the iconic location of 75th St., offering a full menu of appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees, including seafood of all sorts. All of our seating overlooks the bay to enjoy beautiful sunsets or views of a wide range of nature in the area. We are the home to the famous canoe races of Ocean City! A new beach venue with different levels—including a rooftop bar—is coming soon!

Recent Reviews

Atlantic Beach House
Robert Boss'dUP : 2 on 8/7/2021 3:09 am
I hate giving poor reviews but i have too. The wait staff was very polite and welcoming but i was not at all impressed with the food that was served. All the dishes were extremely salty. Way toooo salty. We ordered 2 lobster pot pies that were served extremely cold and extremely salty. I sent them back with no problem and was served new ones but again too too much salt. The other dish was shrimp and steak kabobs which i swear seemed just microwaved. I didnt see a single sear on anything just seemed like it was warmed and thats it. Lastly we ordered the blackened salmon which was very good!! Other then that the music was very lively and was a generally overall good atmosphere. Again maybe this was just a fluke and not the norm im just simply giving honest feedback as to our visit. If i ever come back to ocmd ill stop by and give them another chance and adjust my review accordingly.
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Atlantic Beach House
Renae Pomycala : 1 on 7/16/2021 3:07 am
Since this was a newly opened restaurant, I sent my negative review directly to them in a private message to give them a chance to respond/fix things. Well, they never responded, so I feel the need to let others know about the lobster roll my husband ordered.

For $21, the lobster roll was about the size of a finger. It came in a large green bowl along with about 100 potato chips to make up for the ridiculously small portion of lobster roll.

We live within walking distance to the restaurant, but won't be returning. We don't mind paying for a good meal, but $21 for s smidgen of lobster and 100 potato chips is not ok.

Atlantic Beach House- please work on your portions/prices when you renovate and reopen next year!
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Atlantic Beach House
DanTheMan Johnson : 5 on 8/8/2021 8:50 pm
We'll see this place after renovations are completed but until then, the ABH was pleasant, service was excellent/informative, food was awesome especially the ny strip steak was huge and done perfectly medium, and the coconut shrimp was the BEST I've ever eaten "out". We decided to check the place out coz we were told to do so, and we were glad we did. The sunset view inside table seating was great. I liked the vintage decor in the bar area too, shame it's all gonna be demolished in a week. We'll catch up after renovations again in the future but for now, good luck. Thanks DTM DanTheMan
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Atlantic Beach House