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Two Sides of Ocean City: Bayside vs Oceanside

Two Sides of Ocean City: Bayside vs Oceanside

From the tip of the boardwalk to the Delaware line, nine miles of restaurants, waterparks, shops, mini golf and so much more make up the town of Ocean City. When you first think of the beautiful beach town, the sandy beach on a sunny day is what comes to mind. But we know that as amazing as the town is at the shoreline, there are two sides to Ocean City.

Sit back in your beach chair and soak up the sun while your friends and family surf the ocean waves, or take them to enjoy water sports and adventures on the bay!

Under the Bridge Watersports on Talbot St. has jetski, banana boat and pontoon rentals. Whip around the bay on your jetski at up to 55mph (after taking a Boater Safety course), see all of Ocean City up to the Delaware line on your banana boat trip, or enjoy a “booze cruise” on your pontoon rental with up to 12 other people.

The best part about Ocean City is that there is something for everyone. 

Take a fishing trip on Calico Jack at Back Bay Adventures on 32nd St., rent jet skis by the hour, or take a ride on the OC Screamer, Ocean City’s 11-passenger high-speed jet boat for 360-degree spins, bow dunks and lots of excitement!

Are you planning on bringing your own jetski to town this summer? Action Watersports on 52nd St. and the bay, along with rentals, is home to nightly, weekend and weekly storage for your jetskis. They’ll clean it when you’re finished riding for the day, and even fill it with gas before you get there so it’s ready to go.

48th St. Watersports also offers a variety of summer activities from sailing to windsurfing to paddleboarding to kayaking.

If you want to be out on the water, but also enjoy the vast ocean waters, you can take a trip on the OC Rocket Speed Boat, or hop on a parasailing boat that will take you out along the beach for a bird’s eye view!

When choosing where to stay in town, you’re really making the choice between sunrise and sunset! Staying in an oceanfront hotel will put you in a room with a great view of the shore where you can see the sun come up in the morning. Staying in a room on the bay somewhere will have the possibility of cutting your costs down a little bit, and give you a breathtaking view of the sunset on the water each night. Either way, you can’t go wrong! 

And there’s no need to worry about the short walk from Bayside to the beach each day, even if you have young children. The town’s newest project, the construction of a Median Fence, is currently in the works to keep pedestrians safe while crossing Coastal Highway. It’s scheduled for completion in late May.

Each side of Ocean City is equally exciting, so get the most out of both!