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Top Gifts to Bring Back from OCMD

Top Gifts to Bring Back from OCMD

Vacations in OCMD have a way of flying by in the blink of an eye! If you’re pressed for time and need to select gifts for friends and family at home, don’t stress! Here’s a list of the top gifts to bring back from Ocean City, MD!

Best Souvenirs, Treats, and Keepsakes from Ocean City, Maryland 

OCMD has so many boutique shops to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start! Below are our top recommendations of gifts and sweet treats that can easily travel with you home as gifts for your loved ones, dogsitter, or house sitter. 

  1. Specialty Chocolates and Fudge from Wockenfuss, Candy Kitchen or Jessica’s Fudge House
    From truffles and nostalgic favorites to just about anything covered in chocolate, OCMD’s specialty candy stores have something for everyone’s sweet tooth!
  2. Fisher’s Popcorn
    The iconic popcorn bucket travels well and makes a great gift! Choose from kettle corn, butter, caramel, Old Bay, and so many more flavors! 
  3. Dolle’s Candies and Saltwater Taffy
    There is something about fresh saltwater taffy that takes you right back to the boardwalk! Check out Dolle’s, an Ocean City, MD original, for traditional candies like caramels, brittle, popcorn, taffy, and fudge.  
  4. Framed Art from the Art League of Ocean City
    The Art League of Ocean City, MD features the finest artists who reside on the Eastern Shore. Stop in to their artisans’ gift shop, for a First Friday Open House, or to visit their exhibits!
  5. Sweatshirts, Tee Shirts, and Shorts Representing OCMD
    From red “Lifeguard” sweatshirts to anything in tie-dye, make sure to check out the many clothing stores offering OCMD apparel. 
  6. Old Bay Flavored Nuts
    Your friends from home will love to try new foods flavored with OCMD’s favorite spice – Old Bay! Pick up nuts on the boardwalk at Straight Outta The Nut House for your next party! 
  7. Souvenir Photos
    Commemorate your beach vacation with souvenir photos! Photos can be printed for you or digital copies can be used for your next holiday card! 
  8. Maryland-Themed Gifts featuring the State Flag
    Marylanders love their state flag with its vibrant colors and patterns. In OCMD, you can find many gifts honoring the flag in surprising formats! From bathing suits to coffee mugs, flag-themed gifts abound and are a favorite for fellow lovers of our home state. 
  9. Kite from the Kite Loft
    If you have a child to buy for, or someone young at heart, a kite from the Kite Loft is a gift that will bring so much joy and fun, all summer long.  
  10. Surfing, Beach, and Sand Supplies
    When it comes to finding the best beach gear, OCMD has it all! From surfboards and stand-up paddle boards to the best beach umbrellas, blankets, and other sun-friendly gear, your friends and family will be set for the summer! 


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