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The Best Time of Year to Visit Ocean City, MD

The Best Time of Year to Visit Ocean City, MD

The best time of year to visit Ocean City, MD is right now—the end of summer and the beginning of fall! Now, to be fair, we don’t think there’s ever a wrong time to be in Ocean City, MD but these months can be incredible. On Maryland’s Coast, all of Worcester County thrives as crowds die down, the weather becomes more moderate, and the area is still buzzing with energy from the summer.

But why is it the best time of year? Great question! Keep reading and get ready to plan the end of summer vacation you didn’t know you needed.

Reasons for an End of Summer Vacation to Maryland’s Coast

  1. The Weather is Beautiful

The weather this time of year is perfect for days spent outside in the sun and nights cozied up next to a bonfire. Explore Maryland’s Coast with any adventure you choose during the day then head to Assateague at night when it’ll be just chilly enough to stay toasty by a beach fire. Those are summer days you’ll never forget!

  1. The Water is Warm

The ocean at Ocean City and Assateague beaches is the perfect temperature for a swim this time of year. The average temperature falls anywhere from 72 °F to 78 °F which is a drastic difference from the ocean’s 37 °F to 45 °F temperatures at the beginning of March. Spend the day in the sun and cool off in the waves in the most refreshing water! But remember to still wear sunscreen even if the sun isn’t blazing hot. 

  1. The Best Events

Maryland’s Coast hosts some of the best events around this time of year! Whether it’s end-of-summer festivities like the new Oceans Calling Festival, Endless Summer Cruisin’, or Sunfest, there’s something that everyone will love. Then, fall events begin with small-town festivities in Berlin, Snow Hill, Pocomoke, and more. Keep an eye on our calendar to catch them all!

  1. Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy all of the outdoor adventures you’ve been longing for now that the weather isn’t so hot. The parks, trails, waterways, and beaches around Ocean City, MD, and on Maryland’s Coast are ready to have you. Go for a bike ride on the Boardwalk or hike near the scenic Pocomoke River. There are plenty of watersports to enjoy on the water like kayak rentals or parasailing and jet skiing. 

  1. Fewer Crowds

It’s no secret that with so much to experience on Maryland’s Coast, it can get pretty busy in the heat of the summer. We don’t mind that too much, but it’s still a breath of fresh air when the crowds begin to thin! No more long lines for boardwalk fries, less traffic in town, more space to spread out on the beach, and ample time to book reservations for dinner or rent equipment for water sports. 

The coast is yours! Come to explore Maryland’s Coast during this beautiful time of year. If you’re looking for things to do, check out upcoming events, or our stories for weekend and day trips.