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Seagram's Escapes Releases Ocean City Crush

Seagram's Escapes Releases Ocean City Crush

Ocean City, Md’s most famous summer cocktail, The Orange Crush, now a Seagrams flavor

Over at Explore OC, we’d like to take a moment to thank Seagram’s for bottling our beach for ALL to enjoy! This summer sip on an Ocean City Crush anywhere in the USA! That’s right, you heard us.

Now, you can crack open the taste of Ocean City, MD and enjoy it right in your living room, your backyard, on a boat, in a bar; wherever you are, delight in a sip of summer sunshine.

Seagram’s Ocean City Crush, inspired by the famous Orange Crush captures a refreshing blend of citrus flavors, with a simple yet stellar combination of vodka, orange juice, triple sec, and sprite.

The original cocktail, made famous by Harborside Bar and Grill in West Ocean City in 1995, has evolved from an Eastern Shore staple into a highly sought after summer drink; now bottled and better than ever.

Although in response to the brand’s April release, Harborside might agree to disagree “Hmm ... our crushes might be just a lil bit better," joked the bar and grill on a Facebook post.

But who are we to judge?! Be one of the first to experience convenience at its coldest; this weekend stop into local bars such as Pickles Pub or Shotti's Point and cool off with a Crush today! Also available for purchase in various liquor stores across the shore.


For more juicy details on the Ocean City Crush or to find your Seagram’s Escape visit: https://www.seagramsescapes.com/flavors/ocean-city-crush/