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Scrumptious Seasonal Treats in Ocean City, MD!

Scrumptious Seasonal Treats in Ocean City, MD!

We have officially reached the autumn season since the weather has started to finally cool down a bit! As upsetting as that might be to some, it’s time to start getting excited about holiday and seasonal treats! With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it is time to start enjoying amazing sweets and treats offered right in our favorite town Ocean City, MD. Fortunately for us, there are some national Holidays in the coming months and we reached out to some of our favorite vendors in Ocean City to see how they are celebrating these national Holidays.


October is National Caramel Month and what better way to celebrate than picking up anything Caramel?! Everyone knows that Fisher’s Popcorn has delicious melt in your mouth caramel popcorn and if you are feeling a bit nutty, pick up a batch with added peanuts! Wockenfuss with multiple locations in Ocean City, MD as well as the historical Candy Kitchen spread throughout the Eastern Shore also offers Caramel Popcorn, so POP on in to your preferred sweet shop and receive the ultimate balance of salty and sweet.


Another great candy vendor, Dolles Candyland, has an entire section dedicated strictly to caramel. Over the past 20 years, Dolles has perfected its creamy caramel recipe so we highly recommend picking some up the next time you are in town. Their caramel is homemade with a balance of butter, fresh cream, and sugar.


Today, October 31st is famously known for the fun and festive holiday Halloween, but did you know it’s also Caramel Apple Day! What would fall be without caramel apples? Dolles Candyland spent years perfecting their homemade caramel recipe and now their caramel apples have a true following. Dolles’ rich caramel is made with sugar, butter, and loads love of course! They are made in small batches in copper kettles. We use tart granny smith apples which really help balance out the sweet richness of our caramel. Toppings include mini M&M's, mini Reese's, peanuts, pecans, or plain. We also take special orders for chocolate dipped apples.


Fisher’s Popcorn has a new featured treat at their poppin’ popcorn location: Caramel Apple Popcorn, the team at Explore was lucky enough to sample this new flavor and it is beyond delicious. It’s the perfect seasonal treat that you can only find on the Eastern Shore!


November is only one day away but did you know November 4th is National Candy Day?! This gives you a chance to indulge in all of your leftover Halloween candy with no regrets! You could always just steal some from your children’s collection if you are willing to face to consequences. If your candy stash is empty, you can always visit Candy Kitchen, Wockenfuss, or Dolles Candyland if you truly have a sweet tooth and want to celebrate one of the best days ever created. All three businesses have fun and festive holiday themed treats perfect for you, your friends, and your family. They always said sharing is caring!


If you’re not that much of a sweets individual, November 7th is Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day! Dolles Candyland is known to make some of the most delicious almond clusters known to man. And they are handmade in their factory above their boardwalk shop! Next time you are roaming at the inlet be sure to stop by and pick up the sweet and salty treat! Wockenfuss also offers melt in your mouth almond bark so you can break off the preferred amount you want to snack on or shamelessly eat the entire piece!


December is only now one full month away and there is something in store for us! If you LOVE anything chocolate, get your taste buds ready for National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! Chocolate covered peanuts? Check. Chocolate Covered Strawberries? Check! Anything covered in chocolate is acceptable for this holiday. Dolles Candyland is up for coating anything in real chocolate to make classic candies even better. One of their most famous “marriages” is Chocolate Covered Taffy. This unique product is a true labor of love as each piece of taffy is unwrapped, coated in chocolate then foil wrapped using a piece of antique machinery that dates back to the 1930s! Stop by to Dolles to discover the most famous OC Candy that’s even better covered in chocolate!


Fisher’s Popcorn announced come mid-November they will be offering chocolate covered popcorn! Their famous caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate sounds like the perfect treat regardless if you are sharing or shamelessly have the entire bucket to yourself!

Regardless of your preference of sweet treats, you are bound to find a national holiday that gives you a reason to pick-up some tasteful goodies from some of our favorite vendors go check them out! Dolles, Fisher’s Popcorn, Wockenfuss, and Candy Kitchen have tons and tons of delicious sweets and treats fun for all so don’t forget to check them out!