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Schedule for Your Weeklong Trip to OCMD

Schedule for Your Weeklong Trip to OCMD

When you book a full week in Ocean City, MD, the last thing you want is to forget any of the amazing things you want to experience while you’re here! With so much to do, you need to have a plan so you don’t miss out! Explore OC has you covered with its schedule for a weeklong trip to OCMD! 

What to Do in Ocean City, Maryland for a Week Vacation

Day 1: Beach and Boardwalk

You’ve waited this long to be at the beach, so soak it in with a full beach day to start the week! Lunch on the Boardwalk and let the souvenir shopping begin! Eat some Boardwalk delights or stock up on your favorite candy, fudge, taffy, or popcorn! 

Day 2: Waterpark or Rent a Jet Ski

Embrace all OCMD has to offer with watersports! Venture to one of several nearby waterparks, or if you’re really feeling adventurous, rent a jet ski, kayak, surfboard, or make arrangements for a parasailing excursion! 

Day 3: Explore A Nearby Town or Shop at the Outlets in West OC 

Midweek is often a good time for a break from the sun! Visit some of the charming coastal towns near Ocean City, or do some retail shopping just off the island in West Ocean City. You’ll be sure to find unique gifts, coastal decor, and the best beach equipment for the summer! 

Day 4: Amusement Park or Arcades and Pier Attractions 

Speed things back up with a daylong trip to one of OCMD’s amusement parks, where you can do everything from riding coasters to carousels, and enjoy all of the iconic summer treats! 

Day 5: Beach Day in OCMD or at Assateague National Seashore 

With the week coming to an end, it’s best to hit the beach in OCMD or venture to Assateague Island National Seashore and State Park. Pack a cooler and your sand toys and spend the whole day enjoying the beach and bay, wandering the bike path, and observing the wild horses! 

Day 6: Go-Karting or MiniGolfing and a Night Out to Dinner

A week at the beach is not complete without a round of mini-golf or some great go-kart races! When you’ve tired out your competitive spirit, cap off the week with a night out to dinner. There are so many amazing restaurant options listed on Explore OC, many with incredible sunset views!

Day 7: Relax with a Fishing or Boating Excursion 

Make the best memories on your final day in OCMD by viewing the city from the ocean! Schedule a fishing trip or a boat ride with a local vendor. You will not regret having the chance to truly see how the locals live – on the water!  

Check back in with Explore OC for specials and events, as well as restaurant and shopping recommendations!