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'Not-So-Hidden-Secrets” of Seacrets Jamaica: USA

'Not-So-Hidden-Secrets” of Seacrets Jamaica: USA

Hidden away on 49th street and the bay lies a tropical, Jamaican paradise, unlike any other Ocean City destination. Attracting well over 700,000 people a year over the course of 30 years, an astonishing 21 million people have fallen in love with all Seacrets has to offer, and man does it have a lot to offer!

This mega entertainment destination is the largest employer in Ocean City and worth an estimated $64 million. The enormous Seacrets property spans over 6 acres of bayfront property and includes: 19 bars, several restaurants, a radio station, nite club,  state of the art 12,000-square-foot distillery, five stages for entertainment, and an enormous bay that boasts the brightest party on the east coast, AND can hold a capacity of nearly 5,000 guests! Find Seacrets: Jamaica USA and get lost exploring everything this Rastafarian wonderland has to offer...

Seacrets’ Setting

Once you pass behind the golden gates a Jamaican paradise full of giant palm trees, tropical plants, and white sand beaches awaits you. An ambiance that stretches as far as the eye can see opens up and every guest quickly discovers just how easy it is to “Get Lost” at Seacrets.

This unbelievable jungle oasis wouldn't be possible without Seacrets’ yearly palm tree plant. Every year, in early to mid-May, owner and innovator Leighton Moore transports anywhere between 400 and 600 30-foot-tall palm trees and upwards of 4,500 plants from Homestead, Florida on a fleet of tractor trailers to create this stunning summertime sight for guests.

The Seacrets setting alone effortlessly elevates every guest’s experience. Under the palm trees, year after year, hundreds of customers come to cool off, drink, dine, and relax! Join in on the fun, stay, and play under the palms all night long.

De Seacrets Bay

Break out your bathing suit and gear up to get lazy; because nowhere else in Ocean City can offer you the same experience as the Seacrets bay. Choose to sit at the hightop red bull tables or float the day away with friends as a DJ plays and waitresses bring your favorite tropical frozens right to you! On Saturdays, this experience explodes into the biggest beach party Ocean City has to offer, beloved by bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday babes, tourists, and locals alike.

A day in the Seacrets bay is an experience worth exploring! If you’re eager to explore the bay but, not willing to get wet take a stroll on the Seacrets pier. Or bring your boat and enjoy Seacrets’ free “tipsy’ boat shuttle service to and from your vessel. Whatever you decide, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the bay.  

The Morley Hall Nite Club

Coming in at #15 on America’s top 100 highest grossing bar and nightclubs, Seacrets’ Morley Hall is a nite club unlike any other. Once the sun sets on the bay, patrons can head inside the Morley Hall nite club to find 3 bars, a spacious dance floor, and gigantic stage that hosts live entertainment nightly throughout the summer and has featured acts among the likes of SOJA and Michael Franti. Under the lights, experience an epic nite life fit for any adventure seeker! Complete with balloon drops, black lights, confetti explosions, and laser shows.

Get more out of your vacation at the Morley Hall Nite Club. If the nite club doesn’t strike your interests feel free to explore the vast property and discover more of the secrets of Seacrets’ and it’s fancy a drink at one of its 19 bars!

The Seacrets Distillery

Glimmering high above the Seacrets property, standing three stories tall, the 12,000 square-foot Seacrets Distillery is Seacrets’ newest, biggest and BEST not-so-secret Seacret. Key in the production of 15,000 gallons of house spirits annually, which currently includes their award-winning blood orange vodka, spiced rum, coconut rum, white rum, vodka, and gin. The Seacrets distillery is a fully functional, self-sustaining masterpiece that also provides guests with a personalized, educational experience.

Take a trip back in time to the 1920s and explore a “behind the barrels” view of the Seacrets Distilling Company. Learn the process in which Seacrets makes their small batch, award-winning Spirits, as you follow the trail of grain from our holding rooms through the process of distilling. Conclude your tour with a visit to Seacrets Speakeasy Tasting Room and discover “The Taste Worth Fighting For”. Each distillery tour takes approximately 1 hour. After concluding your tour, guests can check out the Seacrets Distilling Company Mercantile for a bottle of one of Seacrets 11 Spirits, unique merchandise, and memorabilia. For more information visit: https://seacretsdistilling.com/

The Radio Station

If you’re running short on time and can’t experience all Seacrets has to offer don’t fret! Simply switch on your radio and enjoy the smooth sounds, sweet reggae and the best of rock music on Ocean 98.1 Irie Radio. Situated high above the Seacrets property, Ocean 98.1 is a Seacrets institution. Be able to enjoy all the irie fun even after you leave. Listen to Ocean 98.1 or explore 98 offerings on their website at https://ocean98.com/

The secrets of Seacrets Jamaica USA are what makes this sprawling Jamaican oasis a classic ocean city vacation destination and an absolute favorite for both tourists and locals alike! When you break for vacation and venture to our shore, be sure to stop into this waterfront bar, restaurant, nite club and distillery for an unforgettable Caribbean experience.