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Cruisin OC: Special Event Zone May 15-20

Cruisin OC: Special Event Zone May 15-20

Safe driving is always a must, especially as the streets fill with vacationers and tourists during the busy summer season. As Cruisin’ OC takes over town with hot rods, corvettes and countless unique motor vehicles this year, the streets of Ocean City are going to be monitored much more closely.

From Tuesday, May 15 through Sunday, May 20, the Ocean City Police Department will be implementing lower speed limits across Coastal Highway and Philadelphia Avenue in specific ‘Special Event Zone’ areas. 

Back in April, Governor Larry Hogan put the Special Event Zone bill into action, allowing the State Highway Administration, with the local authority’s request, to designate areas along state highways in need of reduced speed limits during special events. 

This bill also allows local authority members, like Town of Ocean City officials, to classify a city-owned road as a Special Event Zone. 

As the speed limits are reduced in these Special Event Zones, fines are increased!

This year’s Cruisin’ OC event is expected to bring in thousands of car enthusiasts and tourists, so expect to see a stronger police presence up and down Coastal Highway during the week, and be extra cautious of your speed and surroundings! Officers will be on high alert and strictly enforcing all traffic laws to ensure the safety of everyone on and off the roads.

Along with keeping your speed in mind while driving throughout town, make sure to also use the crosswalks correctly when on foot. OCPD encourages pedestrians to Walk Smart! Using only the crosswalks to get across the road, waiting for the signal to change before walking, and being aware of nearby vehicles and drivers while crossing.

Drive--and walk--safe during Cruisin’ OC!