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Bonfires on the Beach

Bonfires on the Beach

Nearly 10 miles of beach stretch along our breathtaking coastline, but it seems like a waste to enjoy the sandy shore only while the sun is shining. The Town of Ocean City has created a tool to provide you all of the need-to-know information on permitted beach bonfires.

Before you rush into applying for a bonfire permit, make sure you know the rules and regulations involved!

First and foremost, someone must monitor the bonfire at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 must be chaperones by an adult (someone 21 years of age or older) who is responsible for making sure the general rules are adhered to.

There are certain dates, times and locations where a bonfire is not permitted by any means. For example, there are no bonfires allowed on holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day weekends, and all bonfires must be put out after midnight. During peak summer season, they are prohibited anywhere south of 30th St.

On ocbonfires.com, you can find all detailed rules and requirements.There are also images depicting the exact areas where the bonfires are allowed, and the width, depth and height measurements that will ensure your bonfire meets the safety regulations.

Beach bonfires with your friends and families create exciting memories to take home, but also come with a lot of responsibility! If you’re looking for the perks of mesmerizing flames along the beach, looking out at the Atlantic waters, but don’t plan on applying for a beach bonfire permit, there is still hope!

Ocean 1 Hotel & Suites on N. 1st St. ignites what they call Bonfire and Story Hour every Thursday night on the beach from 9-10pm. You and your family can enjoy lively entertainment and storytelling while taking in the view of bright burning flames on the sand.

If you’re in town post-summer season, make sure to venture to the beach on 130th St. Here, Ocean City will host the Family Bonfire on the Beach event with s’mores, hot cocoa, live music and more. Registration is $3/child and $5/adult, but there is a flat family rate available for $15.

There’s nothing like crackling flames filling the salty air on a pleasant summer night. It’s the perfect way to gather your family and friends to make unforgettable vacation memories.

Now, the Town of Ocean City is allowing everyone to experience the beauty of beach bonfires, so be sure to apply for a permit and explore something new!