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Best Ways to Watch the 2023 White Marlin Open

Best Ways to Watch the 2023 White Marlin Open

The famous tournament has begun! Anglers, fishing enthusiasts, families, and friends have traveled from near and far to participate in the 50th annual White Marlin Open. The event is unlike any other in Ocean City, MD and we can’t wait for what the week brings! How are you staying up to date on the weigh-ins? Are you ready to watch them at Harbour Island or Marlin Fest? Maybe you’re checking the leaderboard here

With Explore OC and Ocean City Live, you have the BEST views of the tournament without even leaving your home! Check out all the live cams ready to show you the full White Marlin Open experience.

White Marlin Open Live Cams

Official White Marlin Open Live Stream - Harbour Island

This is the official live stream of the 50th annual White Marlin Open! Watch the Harbour Island marina transform with crowds of people showing up to support the anglers as they come in for the day. See the catches up close and hold your breath with the crew as they are measured and weighed. Not only will you have the sights of weigh-ins but you’ll also be tuned into the announcer for the details every time a fish is brought to the scales.

Harbour Island Marina

Enjoy a fixed view of the Harbour Island Marina to watch the crowds build throughout the day and anxiously await the first boats ready to show off their catches and compete!

Sunset Marina

Sunset Marina in West Ocean City is our town’s premier full-service marina. It is also the home base for many of the anglers competing in the WMO! Keep an eye on this live cam to see the boats come on home and get ready to celebrate after a long fishing day.

Sunset Grille

Speaking of Sunset Marina, Sunset Grille is located on the waterfront and is the prime spot for crowds to celebrate the tournament at Teasers Dockside Bar and the outside seating at the restaurant with the best food and drinks like Orange Crushes. Join in on the festivities from wherever you are!

Ocean City Fishing Center

The fishing center is another popular marina for the boats competing in the tournament! Check in on this live cam to see boats trail in throughout the day.

Ocean City Inlet Parking Lot

The Inlet hosts Marlin Fest, the best place for families and White Marlin Open enthusiasts to hang out for the day, shop for merch, grab food and drinks, and watch the live stream of the weigh-ins. Watch the live cam of the parking lot to see the crowds and the fun happening at Marlin Fest!

Ocean City Inlet

Catch a better view of the Inlet to see the first glimpse of the boats heading out to the ocean in the morning from their respective marinas, and watch as they return home with flags marking their catches and releases.

The Wedge Ocean City

The Wedge is one of Ocean City’s newest bars with an awesome location at the Inlet. This unobstructed view is the perfect spot to watch the boats going to and coming from the marinas in town.

Route 50 Drawbridge

As many visitors and locals know, the Route 50 drawbridge goes up a LOT during the week of the White Marlin Open to let the boats come and go. De Lazy Lizard has a live cam to show you the drawbridge all the time and anticipate anglers heading to the Harbour Island scales. Plus, you can follow along down the bay with de Lazy Lizard’s downtown OC bay cam


We cannot wait for the exciting days of fishing ahead with the 50th annual White Marlin Open and a record $10.3 million in total prize money. Stay up to date with Explore OC on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week and check out the variety of Ocean City Live cams ready to share the best views with you anytime, anywhere!

Plus, tune back in after the event for the Explore Experience recapping what the White Marlin Open was really like and showing photos captured during the festivities!


Explore Experience

The 50th Anniversary of the White Marlin Open was undoubtedly a memorable one! Each day, fans and anglers anxiously anticipated what would be brought to the scales, especially with a record-breaking $10.5 million at stake. 

The turnout for the scales did not disappoint, although out of the 605 billfish that were caught, only 3 were brought to weigh. The crowds were ready on Monday and stuck around until Friday, still awaiting the first billfish. Tuna had been the talk of the tournament, holding the leaderboard until one qualifying blue marlin was brought in. The 640.5 lb blue marlin was caught by John Ols from Floor Reel out of Ocean City, MD. The blue marlin won them $6.2 million, setting a new world record. 

The tuna that won was a 265 lb bigeye caught off by Brian Stewart from the Reel Tight out of Ocean City, MD who won $1,019,441. The close second was a 247.5 lb bigeye caught by Chris Mentlik from Street, MD off the Fishlik out of Chincoteague, VA, winning $366,662. 

As always, the town was vibrant and buzzing all week long. Marlin Fest, the Inlet, and the Wedge became the fan-favorite spots to watch the boats come in for the day. And the Reel Inn on Harbour Island served its fair share of food and drinks to those at the scales. Some of the same, and some new vendors were at the events for people to browse while they waited for boats to come home.

View the winners in all categories here!