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Best Place for an Ice Cream Sundae in OCMD

Best Place for an Ice Cream Sundae in OCMD

There is something nostalgic about indulging in an ice cream sundae after a long day enjoying the sun, sand, and attractions in Ocean City, Maryland. With so many delectable ice cream establishments in and around OCMD, how do you choose? Use our guide below to find the best places for an ice cream sundae while you’re in OCMD!

Where to Find Ocean City, MD’s Top Ice Cream Sundaes

Hand dipped or soft served? Marshmallow, malt dust, or Old Bay? Every ice cream parlor in OCMD has its own flare. From historic locales to new venues, here’s where the best ice cream sundaes can be found. 

Ice cream made daily is available at their seven locations around OCMD. Try something as extraordinary as their namesake sundae, the Dusty Dumser, which features crushed malt powder! Other menu favorites include the Southern treat, featuring butter pecan ice cream, and the Coco Loco sundae, which highlights their coconut chocolate ice cream.

This OCMD ice cream parlor is on 123rd Street, where you can try their jumbo sundaes, such as the Banana Yacht and the Titanic. Fan favorites also include the butterscotch-topped Terrapin Sundae and the Hawaiian Luau. 

If you believe a cookie or a candy bar should be donned atop your sundae, House of Ice Cream is the place for you! Check out the Nutella Kit-Kat sundae or the Peanut Butter Cream sundae… you’ll be hard pressed not to go back to Dorchester Street for more! 

With locations on 69th Street and 143rd Street, King Kone is known for its Gorilla Split Hall of Fame. To join the illustrious group and have your name “On the Wall,” a single person has to eat a sundae with eight scoops of ice cream plus toppings in one hour. For those looking for less of a challenge, try the Survivor sundae, featuring Moosetracks ice cream, or the local favorite, the Chesapeake, which is dusted with Old Bay. 

Other Ice Cream Favorites Near OCMD

Kohr’s Brothers’ Custard has been a local favorite for decades. With three Ocean City, Maryland locations and many flavors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a cone of Kohr’s!

If you’re willing to travel about 9 miles, both Island Creamery and Rayne’s Reef Soda Fountain and Grill in Berlin have excellent sundae selections. Rayne’s Reef also has indoor seating, sandwiches like Reubens and hamburgers, and ice cream sodas! Island Creamery was ranked "Best Ice Cream Place in America" by USA Today and is well worth the visit for the power-packed flavors of their hand-dipped ice cream.

Who’s ready for dessert!? Check in with Explore OC during your visit for area information, specials, and entertainment in OCMD!