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Assateague Island Welcomes New Wildlife

Assateague Island Welcomes New Wildlife

If Assateague Island isn’t on your list of must-visit places for your next trip to Ocean City, MD, it should be. There are miles of beautiful beach (even a drive on beach), gorgeous bayside sunset views, plenty of wildlife, camping, and great hiking trails!

Wildlife on Assateague

Surprise! In case you haven’t herd (pun intended), recently a new furry and adorable foal was born to mare Susi Sole at Assateague Island, and man is she precious. This sweet girl is a bay pinto filly. She’s very active and is grabbing people’s attention with her cuteness and spunk!

assateague island wild ponies

There is plenty of wildlife on the island. Try birdwatching if that’s something you’re interested in! With more than 300 different species at Assateague, odds are you will have plenty of sights to see. There are deer and other animals you may encounter while at Assateague. So passengers, have your camera ready at all times and drivers, follow the speed limits and be aware!

Many people have been venturing over to the island in attempts to get the perfect snapshot of the new filly, which is great, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, maintain a safe distance from all wildlife at all times! Second, do NOT feed the wildlife, it can be harmful to these animals.

Get Active!

There are great hiking trails at Assateague Island such as Life of the Marsh, Life of the Forest and Life of the Dunes. And as the weather gets warmer, these trails will be even more enjoyable! The Life of the Forest trail takes you through the woods and eventually overlooks the bay which is perfect for capturing the ultimate Assateague sunset.

If you want to cover more distance in a shorter period of time bring your bike and get ready to roam the island! Also once spring and summer are here enjoy a nice canoe or kayak adventure bayside, a refreshing dip in the ocean or bay, or grab your surfboard and catch some waves. There are so many things to enjoy oceanside, bayside, and in between!

If you’re ready to get in touch with nature this year, Assateague Island is the place to do it. The Eastern Shore is a beautiful place and we can’t wait to continue to explore it. Join us!