Soar Through the Sky at the Sunfest Kite Festival!

Posted On: 9/12/19

Grab your kites and join in on the fun, the sky is big enough for everyone! Bring your beach chair to the sand or walk along the boardwalk as bright kites fill the sky during Sunfest weekend! 

The Sunfest Kite Festival will be held on September 19th through September 22nd, take in the breathtaking views of giant, colorful kites soaring through the skies outside of the Kite Loft on 5th Street, and bring the whole family for a weekend full of fun activities!

At the Kite Festival, master kite-flyers from around the world come to show off their aerial flying skills and one-of-a-kind kites. Bring your own kite and join in on the fun, or simply marvel at the sight of hundreds of brightly colored kites flying through the gorgeous backdrop of a light-blue sky. 

During the festival, children can build their own kites at a kite-making workshop, and on Saturday (9/21) the first 60 kids to participate in the Kids Day Kite Fly at 1 pm will receive a free kite!

Ready to battle? On Sunday (9/22) there will be a legendary mini Rokkaku battle at 11 am! What’s a Rokkaku battle you ask? Rokkaku is a traditional Japanese kite design, during a battle, the kites are launched and then at the second signal, attack! The object of the battle is to take your opponent's kite to the ground by using your line, your kite, or the wind. Once your kite is cut or touches the ground- you’re out!

Still learning to fly? No problem! Flying a kite is no easy task, at the Sunfest Kite Festival, experts will be offering free kite lessons so you can learn the tricks of the trade and have your kite up in the air in no time!

Check out the full schedule of events and visit OC to watch professionals and novices alike showcase their skills!


Thursday, September 19 - Long Tail Thursday

All Day - Giant Kite Air Show

All Day - Free Fly

All Day - Free Sport Kite Lessons

Fly Any Kite with a Long Tail

Friday, September 20 - Feline Friday

All Day - Free Sport Kite Lessons

11:00 am - Time to Fly the Kitty Kites

1:00 pm - Red, White & Blue Day - Fly Proud!

2:30 pm - Candy Drop

TBA - Giant Bubble Show

All Day - Team and Individual Sport Kite Demos

All Day - Giant Kite Air Show

Pop Up Night Fly

Saturday, September 21 - Sea Life Saturday

10:00 am - Kite Trains Air Show

All Day - Free Sport Kite Lessons

All Day - Team and Individual Sport Kite Demos

All Day - Giant Kite Air Show

Giant Bubble Show (No Wind Permitting)

11:00 am - Time to Fly the Seafood (I mean.. Sea Life)

12:00 pm - Candy Drop

1:00 pm - Kids Day Kite Fly (Free Kites to the First 60 Kids)

**Kids must be between 5 and 12 years old, kids must be present to receive their kite and must fly the kite**

2:30 pm - Boardwalk Dancing (Prize Event)

3:30 pm - Sunfest Choice (People’s Choice / Prize Event)

6:30 pm - Sunfest Social Hour - Basket and Silent Auction

Pop Up Night Fly

Sunday, September 22 - Super Kite Sunday

10:00 am - Free Sport Kite Lessons

11:00 am - Mini Rokkaku Battle (Time Permitting)

12:00 pm - Candy Drop

All Day - Team and INdividual Sport Kite Demos

All Day - Giant Kite Air Show


Kites can be flown any time of the year as long as the wind is right! So come out with your friends and family and get in on the action at the Sunfest Kite Festival

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