Ocean City, MD is Cicada Free!

Posted On: 4/14/21

You may have heard that it’s time for the 17-year periodical cicadas to return this spring, but did you know that Ocean City, Maryland will be a cicada-free zone?! Yup - you read that right. The noisy, large winged bugs are expected to come back in swarms after their time underground but will be sparing parts of the Eastern Shore from their presence. 

Quite soon you may be in need of an escape from the incessant mating calls and buzzing of the cicada. Luckily for you, Ocean City will be here waiting to provide you with a relaxing, and quiet break from the bugs!

The Brood X 17-year periodical cicadas are expected this spring and early summer. The noise produced by the bugs is a high-pitched whine from the males in order to attract females for mating. With so many cicadas at one time, the sound often becomes annoying and overwhelming. While some Eastern Shore counties are predicted to be affected by cicada migration, Worcester County is not one of them. 

Plan your ‘escape route’ today and switch to the sound of ocean waves crashing on the beach. We hope to see you soon! 

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Reference: OC Today

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