Let's Fly A Kite: Sunfest Kite Festival

Posted On: 8/20/18

Up, up and away… join The Kite Loft for the Sunfest Kite Festival in town! Stroll the boardwalk, or admire from the sandy beaches as this Sunfest weekend fills the sky with colorful kites.

The festival will be from Thursday, September 20 to Sunday, September 23. Thousands of spectators and kite-lovers from all over the country will join together this weekend in Ocean City for kite competitions, games, workshops and other activities.

This year, The Kite Loft will welcome Mike Van Meers, returning co-coordinator. Mike will hold impromptu games for the entire family with opportunities to win fun prizes.

Bring the whole family to enjoy this exciting, vibrant festival! Don’t forget to cast your votes for your favorite display for the festival’s “People’s Choice” award.

Each day will feature unique showcases, lessons and events. From free sport kite lessons to dragon showcases to a sunfest auction, the all-day excitement never ends. On Saturday, make sure you and your kids are around at 1:30 pm for Kids Day Kite Fly! The Kite Loft will hand out free kites to the first 60 kids between age of 5 and 12. Kids must be present to receive kite and must fly it!

Here’s a breakdown of the event schedule…

Thursday (Sept. 20)

All Day - Giant Kite Air Show
All Day - Free Fly
All Day - Free Sport Kite Lessons

Friday (Sept. 21)

All Day - Free Sport Kite Lessons
1:00pm - Red, White & Blue Day - Fly Proud
2:30pm - Candy Drop
TBA - Giant Bubble Show
All Day - Team and Individual Demos
All Day - Giant Kite Air Show

Saturday (Sept. 22)

10:00am - Kite Trains Air Show
All Day - Free Sport Kite Lessons
All Day - Team and Individual Demos
All Day - Giant Kite Air Show
To Be Announced - Giant Bubble Show
11:00am - Dragonfest - Giant Dragon Showcase
11:00am - Flight of the Trilobites
11:30pm - Running of the Bols
12:30pm - Candy Drop
1:30pm - Kids Day Kite Fly
2:30pm - Boardwalk Dancing (Prize Event)
3:30pm - Sunfest Choice (People’s Choice) (Prize Event)
6:30pm - Sunfest Auction

Sunday (Sept. 23)
10:00am - Free Sport Kite Lessons
11:00am - Mini Rokkaku Battle (if time allows)
12:00pm - Candy Drop
All Day - Team and Individual Demos
All Day - Giant Kite Air Show

So break out your favorite kites, or just come out with your friends and family to enjoy the 2018 Sunfest Kite Festival!


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