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10 Ridiculous Mistakes to Avoid in OCMD

10 Ridiculous Mistakes to Avoid in OCMD

Are you planning on traveling to Ocean City, Maryland this year? Allow us to be the first to say, that we can’t wait for you to come out and enjoy all that our favorite beach town has to offer! From spending time on the beach to enjoying amazing food, and catching breathtaking views, Ocean City has it all! 

However, planning a trip to a new place can leave a lot of unknowns. And at Explore OC, we want to make sure that you have the absolute best trip possible, without making some avoidable mistakes! Take it from the local experts here at Explore, and keep these tips and tricks in mind when visiting OCMD! 


1. Asking for Ketchup on Your Thrasher’s French Fries

Thrasher’s French Fries are the best french fries in the world, and should only be enjoyed with salt and vinegar! 


2. Not Waking up for a Sunrise

One of the best views on the beach? An Ocean City sunrise! The best way to catch one is in person, but, if you can’t, you can always check out our OC Live Cams to get a view of the sun rising over the ocean, and setting over the bay. 


3. Forgetting Your Sunscreen

Even on a cloudy day, the sun can still cause some major damage to your skin. So don’t forget that sunscreen! 


4. Skipping Dumsers Ice Cream after Dinner

A classic thick milkshake or ice cream cone? What about an ice cream sundae? No matter how you enjoy it, never forget an ice cream trip to Dumsers on vacation! 


5. Forgetting to Order Maryland Blue Crabs

Speaking of dinner, the best way to get the most out of your vacation on the Maryland Eastern Shore is to chow down on some Maryland Blue Crabs! Enjoy picking some crabs with friends and family, or enjoy a crabcake or crab dip! 

***Please don’t try the crabs if you have a seafood allergy


6. Losing Your Sunglasses in the Ocean

This is a classic mistake that takes some of us a few losses before we learn our lesson. If you’re going to go into the water with your sunglasses, at least make sure they’re not the expensive ones! 


7. Not Taking a Selfie at the Ripley’s Tire

A trip to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! should be at the top of your vacation itinerary anyways! So don’t miss taking a classic picture on their giant tire outside the building. 


8. Missing the Views from the Giant Wheel at Jolly Roger at the Pier

Where else can you get an open view of the beach, boardwalk, and bay? The Giant Wheel at Jolly Roger at the Pier gives a panoramic view of almost all of Ocean City! 


9. Forgetting Fisher’s Popcorn

From kettle corn to caramel and more, Fisher’s Pop Corn has some of the best popcorn in OCMD! Don’t forget to pick up a bucket to enjoy during your vacation, and a few for the road, too! 


10. Feeding the Seagulls

We know it can be tempting to feed the seagulls but trust us, once you feed them once they’ll never leave you alone! 


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