Seaside 10 Mile / 5K Race Halloween Run

10/26/19 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Hugh T. Cropper Inlet Parking Lot
Gear up for Halloween at the Seaside 10 Mile/ 5K Halloween Run. Straight out and back for a 10 mile course taking advantage of the OCMD boardwalk. Runners will jump off the boardwalk at 27th Street onto Coastal Highway via Baltimore Avenue.  Head north to 68th Street, around the block to 69th, then back on Coastal Highway heading south the same way you came.  The 5K course will start at same location, circle the boardwalk pier, go down concrete portion of boardwalk to 16th/17th Street, turnaround then straight back to same finish as 10 miler. 
  All are welcome to come wearing the most outrageous costumes you can dream up!
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