Pastel For Beginner: Introduction to Pastel With Jill Glassman

1/11/19 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Art League of Ocean City
If you love to draw and love to paint, you will love pastel! The medium of pastel is a wonderful blend of both worlds. Pure, brilliant, colorful pigment, in stick form is a sensuous tactile experience. In this class we’ll explore the basics of pastel: - The differences between hard and soft pastels and how and when to use each of these - What surfaces are suitable for pastel and how the pastels interact with each surface You’ll have a chance to experiment with each type of pastel and surface and then execute a pastel painting of your own. Bring your own photo of a simple subject or paint from a still-life setup. $10 supply fee (provided to instructor) includes a sampler of papers. You may bring any pastels you have but a variety of pastels will be provided by the instructor.
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