Ocean City Stories

Assateague Island Welcomes New Wildlife
Posted On: 1/25/19
If Assateague Island isn’t on your list of must-visit places for your next trip to Ocean City, MD, it should be. There are miles of beautiful beach (even a drive on beach), gorgeous bayside sunset views, plenty of wildlife, camping, and great hiking trails! Wildlife on Assateague Surprise! In case you haven’t herd (pun intended), recently a new furry and adorable foal was born to mare Susi S...
10 Things to Do in OCMD (That You Haven't Thought Of!)
Posted On: 8/14/18
Thousands of visitors venture to Ocean City each day to soak in the sun, swim in the ocean, and enjoy a night out at a waterfront restaurant. Some rent pontoon boats or jet skis for the day, and others go in and out of every shop along the boardwalk while snacking on Thrasher’s French Fries. We all know (and love) our staple Ocean City perks, but there are lots of adventures and activities awa...
5 Reasons to Visit Ocean City In June
Posted On: 5/23/18
Join Us This June, You Won’t Regret It 5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Ocean City, MD This Month! Do you hear that? It’s the beach calling your name. Here in Ocean City, the weather is warmer, the water is cool, and the restaurants; well they’re just waiting for you! Don’t hesitate to plan your escape. Start the summer season now! This June, relax, reenergize and recreate those special ...

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