Tailchasers Restaurant and Dock Bar

Posted On: 6/16/18

Off the Hook Restaurant Group has expanded their presence along the coast to 122nd St. in town! Previously Parched Pelican, and before that the famous North Ocean City Hooters, it is now home to Tailchasers Restaurant and Dock Bar, Off the Hook’s newest addition!

The Facebook page is flooding with positive, 5-star reviews within the first week of opening, complimenting the food, atmosphere and playground for kids.

As the gorgeous, sunny weather rolls into town, Tailchasers is the place to be! The combination of family-friendly, waterfront dining and the fresh, farm-to-table cuisine that Off the Hook is so famous for can’t be found anywhere else.

With outdoor seating options on their deck overlooking the canal, Coastal Highway, or sitting in the sand, your dining experience is more than just delicious food and drinks. The playground in the sand allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy your time out while the kids play together.

Their indoor/outdoor dock bar area has plenty of seating and natural lighting for an ideal ambiance.

As far as the menu goes… Ancho Shrimp and Tuna Poke Sticky Rice Bowls, Roasted Corn & Jalapeno Crab Bisque, and the Lobster Reuben are just a few of their enticing items that will make your mouth water!

Head over to 122nd St. to try out Off the Hook Restaurant Group’s latest addition!

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