Litter Free OC - Help Keep Our Town Clean!

Posted On: 8/5/21

With over eight million visitors coming to Ocean City, Maryland each year, Litter Free OC is here to promote ways to help keep our town clean! As Mayor Meehan of Ocean City says, “Our town is surrounded by natural beauty and we would like to keep it that way.”

At Explore OC, we’re sharing the Town of Ocean City’s anti-littering campaign to show individuals, students, and companies how they can pledge and commit to taking part in the anti-littering effort!

Ocean & Marine Litter

You might be wondering where ocean and marine litter comes from. The more you know about where the trash is coming from, the more we can make conscious decisions that will help our town and waterways. 

The most common sources of marine litter are:

  • Cigarette butts, lighters, and cigar tips

  • Beachgoers

  • Improper disposal of trash on land

  • Stormwater sewers and combined sewer overflow

  • Ships and other vessels

  • Industrial facilities

  • Waste disposal activities

  • Offshore oil and gas platforms

As you may already know, plastics are very harmful to our oceans. A 2015 study estimated that 90% of the world’s seabirds and 25% of fish contain plastic in their stomachs. By 2050, we expect to see more plastic in our oceans than fish. Learn more about the impact plastic has on marine life here!

The Good News - How You Can Help!


Pledge to do your part as a student, individual, or business to keep Ocean City and surrounding communities litter-free. 


We’re always looking for more volunteers! Volunteer to help with clean-up efforts in Ocean City, MD, and surrounding areas. For more information, view designated clean-up area maps and handouts. Looking to do more? Apply for the Ocean City Dune Patrol! This dedicated group of volunteers perform clean-ups according to their own schedule and are essential in keeping the dunes healthy and stabilized. 


Donate to the Ocean City Green Team to support the anti-littering campaign and cleaning efforts! 

We love our beach town and want to share its beauty with others! For more information about the Town of Ocean City’s anti-littering campaign, visit Litter Free OC and contact them here.

Explore OC has pledged to keep the community clean and free of trash. Will you? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on our beautiful town of Ocean City, MD!

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